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Why Sunday is a Great Night to Book an Escort

Dating an escort is one of the best and most rewarding things you can do to pat yourself on the back after a day’s hard work and endless business meetings after meetings. Now, if you really want to get the absolute best out of your encounters with highly skilled, elite escorts, then you definitely need to hire one on a Sunday. Why?

For starters, the majority of men look forward to ending their working week with a nice, relaxing session with an escort that involves lots of pampering, attentive care, and, of course, unforgettable sex.

Given that nearly 2/3 of the male population will make a call to arrange such meetings on a Friday or Saturday, it automatically means that you will need to squeeze your rendezvous into an escort’s already jam-packed evening.

So, you probably have to expect a woman that is much more tired than other days and with elevated stress to make it to all of her bookings on time. Sure you don’t want an escort taking glimpses on her watch all the time when you want to reach your sexual zenith.

Now Mondays are also off the table because most married men that have to be with their wives over the weekend are eagerly waiting for the first day after that “long” weekend with their spouses to get some fun.

At that time, they are super horny and may book an escort for several hours. Again, not a good time to have your share of lust and passion behind closed doors for the same reasons mentioned above.

That aside, let’s also not forget that getting back to work after a weekend break comes with increased business obligations, many of which involve travelling for work.

So, if you are not a sexed-up married guy that wants to get laid no matter what, chances are you are a busy businessman that needs to fly or drive to places on a Monday.

The only thing one needs after hours and hours of business negotiations and sitting on a plane or behind the wheels is a nice bath, some good food, and a cold beer, right?

The picture is more or less the same with Thursdays, when office gents go out in the evening, go bar hopping, and seek the opportunity to indulge in the special treatments of skilled professional escorts.

The fact that they tend to get home late that evening translates into longer sessions with the hired professionals so, again, not the best time to book an escort if you want a top experience.

Now, Wednesdays are rather dead days for escorts, but with everything that is going on at that time of the week, you will probably be beaten up from work; plus, you will have to wake up early the next day.

Sundays are much different, though.

Besides being one of the most appropriate times to hire an escort because most elite and VIP pros are available for more extended sessions, so more fun for you, you also get in the mentality that you start your new week on the right foot!

Also, you can expect to meet with a relaxed girl whose anxiety levels are significantly low, which enables her to give her all to you. And, no, it is not that you can’t compete with the other guys and demand equally high levels of pleasure.

But would you be interested in having the leftovers of others when you can have the entire pie and eat it?

Can you think of a better reason to satisfy every inch of your body just before the work craze begins again?