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Hot Weather Sex Coping Strategies

Hot weather sex can be tiring, sweaty and uncomfortable but sometimes we just gotta do it. We took a look at a few of the best hot weather sex positions you can try. We selected these as our favourites and the ones we feel might be just that little bit more comfortable during this hot spell.

Sweaty Spooning Perfect for Hot Weather Sex


The spoons position has long been a favourite with loving couples but have you ever tried that on a one night stand? You would be surprised how many have attempted this one.

Spooning is not an obvious choice if you get lucky with a date but when the sun is shining and the nights are muggy, this one can prove a winner.

To get to it, just lie on your side with your lady pushing her butt into. This is lazy, hot sex. Perfect for the summer months.

Shower Chills


While escorts might always prefer you turning up showered and clean for their date, you might also find yourself in a shower with your escort. No, before you get all kinky on me, I am not referring to a “golden shower”! Although, thinking about it, that could cool you down too.STOP! Back to the main event. What I am referring to here is getting yourself into a shower with your escort. Yes, things could get heady and erotic with your escort date. If you do strike it lucky then ending up in a shower cubicle on a hot date could be just the trick.

It’s not easy to get totally turned on with two sticky, hot bodies. The brain can often be distracted by the heat. A shower moment could be just the trick.

Crack the Ice


Ice is another favourite during the hot season. Get yourself some kinky thrills by using ice cubes on the body to cool it down. This gives you the time to enjoy her body.

If you are looking to get a little messy, open up that tube of ice cream or make use of that 99 ice cream cone with the luxurious flake!

Outdoor Sex


For all you outdoor fantatics, this is a great time of year. Whether you are dogging or just having some fun in a field, outdoor sex can be cool. Be sure to prepare the ground. Get yourself dressed in loose clothing. Look for something that comes on and off fast. That way, if you do get disturbed, you can quickly react.

Unless you know your escort well, you might find that only a handful will be willing to work with you outdoors. So, it is worth spending time finding a regular escort with whom you can build a rapport. When you find a special escort you have cultivated a gem. Trust is key. That comes with time and respect. The end result is worth it.

Whatever you choose to do this summer, make sure you stay safe.

Find a perfect escort in your area and share some intimate tips and tricks.