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Here you can find helpful articles, advice and tips for booking adult service providers. This section includes articles that explore how you can get the best from your encounters. We encourage you to join in the discussion through this Blog, Twitter of Facebook.

Filter Out Escorts for New Encounters

When it comes to finding and booking your next escort, the paradox of choice is real. There are literally hundreds of escorts online looking to tempt you into their stable. The internet is like one big Amsterdam window. Stag Night Memories! We have designed galleries with filters so that when …

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Is it Safe to Hire an Escort?

Is It Safe to Hire an Escort

Hiring an escort can be one of the best decisions you will ever make for your well being and self worth. You might be searching for some companionship with a local escort or you might be visiting a new city that you know nothing about. You may be like a …

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London Adult Guide for Visiting Punters

London Adult Guide

Quick London Escort Finder When you want to find escorts in London in a hurry, you can click on over to browse our categories page. There you will find access to all the relevant London pages on the UK Adult Zone website. This makes it extra easy for you to …

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Is Masturbating Dangerous? Sometimes, Yes!

Okay, so there is definitely no harm in some solo love. You won’t go blind, the myths are simply myths. However! When you combine masturbating with other, non-sexual activities, you might find yourself taking risks you would not dream of taking. Are there health risks? Well, the jury is out …

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Finding Escort Classified Ads

Escort Classified ads

Adult Classified ads can provide you with another avenue to find great escorts. Beware, not all sites offer you the genuine ads though. When it comes to finding a local escort or adult service provider through the classified section of any site, rely on the sites that are focused on …

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Keep Your Escort Hobby Private

Keeping your escort hobby private is a priority for many of us, but just how can you do that? You can’t be safe without VPN. Is that a fact? Yes, the fact is that if you are not using a VPN, then we would encourage you to do so. This …

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Booking Escorts, Dominatrix or Masseuse

Booking Escorts Online

Booking escorts, Dominatrix or Masseuse at UK Adult Zone is simple and convenient. But in this industry, is booking online always the best option. We take a look at how the pros and cons of booking escorts, Mistresses and girls for an erotic massage service. On this site you will …

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070 Numbers for Escorts, Are You Being Scammed?

070 Numbers for Escorts

070 Numbers for Escorts, Are You Being Scammed as a Client or duped as an escort? Do be warned there are some directories out there that advertise escorts etc using 070 numbers (e.g. escortDirectory-UK.com and even VivaStreet). Although some profiles may be genuine, some of these profiles MAY not be …

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Escort Deposit Scam and How to Avoid It

Escort Deposit Scam

The Escort Deposit Scam has been a popular way for punters to lose money fast. Whilst we know that this might upset some genuine escorts that ask for a deposit, we are finding that this happens much too often so it is only fair to warn Clients. As a punter, …

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What’s your favourite type of escort?

What is your favourite type of escort?

Choosing the right type of escort for an evening of excitement can be difficult. A lot depends on your personal preference and what you are looking for, of course. There are plenty of girls out there who can pander to a certain speciality and it’s easier than ever to find a …

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