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When you're looking for a great place to enjoy some erotic therapy, then a UK adult Massage Parlour is the best place to visit.  You will find the best UK Adult Massage Parlours are here on UK Adult Zone alongside details for your favourite local parlours.

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Select form the locations below to get to your local Massage Parlour.

Popular city searches include: London - Birmingham Greater Manchester

Start by selecting what region of the country you are searching. Good massage parlours will have a great reputation because of their professional standards. They will be run effectively and the high standards of the ladies that work there will shine through.

Look for the massage parlours where the ladies will make both first timers and the most experienced parlour clients welcome and at ease. A good parlour is clean, comfortable and has a relaxing atmosphere.




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If you are visiting a new location in the UK then you can use our guide to uncover some of the best places for some special relaxation therapy. Some of the more popular city and town sear/ches for Massage Parlours are linked for you below. 

Searching for the Latest Parlours and Independent Masseuse

You can also view the latest massage parlours added to here.

If you are not looking for Parlour experience where you can select from one of many ladies, you may be interested in browsing the collection of independent Masseuse offering erotic Adult Massage Services.

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UK Massage Parlours directory - we only accept listings from the very best and most respected UK massage parlours in your area. All of the massage parlours listed here charge for their time only and anything that occurs of a sexual nature is a matter of coincidence between two consenting adults.

Alternatively, you can use our advanced or short search options from the left menu or browse through a complete list of UK locations to identify a great Massage Parlour.

Ace Massage At UK Adult Massage Parlours

With hundreds of Massage Parlours and Saunas around the country, you really do have a choice of massage parlour in the UK. However, a word of caution, standards can vary enormously, even within one city.  We would recommend you visit a parlour with an established reputation or at least one that has a website where you can take a peek at what to expect when you arrive. Always browse the selection of ladies and don't be surprised if the lady you want to see is not available if you turn up at the door without first calling to make sure she is working and available. Some parlours will allow you to call and make a booking with a lady, at least to set aside a time for your arrival. Although, a pre-booked lady may only be available if you have already visited the establishment but it's always worth asking. 

On entering a massage parlour you are likely to be greeted by a Receptionist who will take an entrance fee, or house fee, from you. This is normally only a small amount but you should check to see what this will be before arriving at the establishment, you really don't want to arrive without the correct money.  On that subject, we would recommend that you only carry with you the correct money for your time in the parlour. Although the majority of massage parlours are safe to visit, theft is commonplace in any environment. 

Good luck and happy shopping!

Have You Thought About A Prostate Massage?

Okay, prepare yourself for some news. Some say that a regular prostate massage can help in the prevention of prostate cancer. So, that's one good reason this is something you should probably try out at least once in your life; you may find you enjoy it more than you think!

Now, we're not saying that every Masseur out there who will be willing to give you a prostate massage but there are plenty who will do this for you if you ask. Bring it into some kind of role play situation and it could be very exciting.

Getting down to basics though, how does it work? Well, once you have a willing Masseur then she will insert a finger gently (might be worth using some lube here!) into your ass but not too far. It only has to enter about 3-4cms. She will then move her fingers towards the front of you body and she will feel the prostate gland. The gland is just about the size of a walnut and she will need to run her fingers over this to administer the massage.

How will you feel? Well, you will be stimulated that's for sure. You may feel like you need a piss but you won't actually need one (make sure you go before she does this). You will maybe cum too!

A great experience and certainly one to explore on your next visit to an accomodating Masseur in one of the massage parlours profiled here on the UK Adult Zone.

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