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The UK Adult Zone provides men and women with access to the very best in adult entertainers and services throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

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This page provides contact information for professional Mistresses for those of you interested in fetish, bondage, domination, sadism and masochism. Slaves and Submissives looking for a dominant female to serve will find a vast superb collection on this website.  


Many of the featured Mistresses enjoy playing with both men and women. So, if you are a female looking for a Mistress then you will find something here too.

So remember guys, this is not about sex in any shape or form. This is domination! You can see the latest Mistresses added to hereYou can search by location or by speciality. Here's just some of the latest Mistresses to be added to our popular and growing directory of processionals.

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The most popular city and regional locations for locating strict professional Mistresses are below to help you find the perfect Lady.

This one is just for those of you out there looking for something a little kinkier to satisfy your fetish, whatever it may be! You will find a collection of some of the very best Mistresses and Dominatrix from all over the UK and Ireland into one great collection. So next time you want to find a Mistress, then come on over the the UK Adult Zone.

What is a FemDom Mistress?

It is important to understand that a Mistress will not engage in anything illegal in her sessions. This  this includes anything with animals or overtly sexual acts. The Laides listed here are Dominatrix and not escorts. This is an important point as many can and will take great offence in any suggestions to the contrary. So be sure to know your Mistress and don't barge in there expecting your requests for hand relief to be welcomed. We always recommend that you speak to her first.

If you have made the mistake of not clearing the way for more vanilla action, then you run the risk that any requests for this type of activity will result in the session ending immediately.
A Mistress and Pro-Domme has a genuine love for her work. A good Mistress therefore will not disingenuously humour scenarios she does not take pleasure administering. So when it comes to fetishes such as hardsports, anal play, face sitting and severe CBT, it is best to speak to your Mistress before calling or sessioning with her to make sure these are acceptable.
A Mistress will always enjoy fresh and creatively engaging fantasy scenarios as well as classics such as Police and Prison brutality scenarios, disciplinarian teacher, strict nanny, Sadistic dance instructor or fitness coach and terrorist interrogation. Your imagination is your boundary.

Most of the Mistresses listed here will boast an enviable shoe collection. This can include dilapidated, filthy work out trainers, sweaty worn down tap and ballet shoes and glistening stilettos for you to suck after they have been ground into your pathetic quivering body.

Foot Fetish Mistress Sesssions

For those of you that are foot fetishists, you may be given the opportunity to please mistress with a pedicure and massage. If you are a very obedient beautician then you may even be given permission to eat lunch from her perfectly polished toes.

Sissy Humiliation Appointments

Many of the Mistresses listed at UK Adult Zone especially enjoy dressing up pretty little sissy  girls. For those Domme's that cater for sissy humiliation, you will find tye have fantastical wardrobes full of dresses, stockings, underwear, wigs and cheap, slutty makeup to make any aspiring little slut gush with delight. If you look good enough she may even allow you to dance for her!

Make sure to call beforehand and talk through your needs and fantasy.

What is Expected of Clients

When it comes to what a Mistress expects of her subs and slaves, we could create a very lengthy lists. However, there are some simple rules that if you follow you will not go far wrong.

  1. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.  You are intrinsically dirty so being freshly showered is essential.
  2. Punctuality. You are extremely privileged for a Mistress to give Her time to an irrelevant individual like yourself. To waste a minute of that time without contact shows you do not appreciate this and will not meet the standards of dedication She demands from a slave.
  3. Sobriety. If you are going to serve a Mistress well you will need the sharpest mental clarity that you can offer.
  4. Above all  being Safe, sane and consensual is key.

Initial Consultations for Fist Timers
Some Mistresses will ask that you attend a consultation before your first session. This can last about 2- to 30 minutes. The objective of a consultation is to discuss any relevant health issues, what you are prepared to do to serve, absolute limits and so on. You may or may not be charged for this. Please check with the Mistress before your booking.

London Mistresses In The Movies

These are a few of our popular movies featureing London and London Mistresses that you may have met or that you can meet through our contact profiles.  To watch any of the movies just click on the link in the menu to go directly to our theatre.

Mistress Aradia's Sessions: Welcome to Mistress Aradia's Sessions! This is the place for an education in the basics of obedience, submission and loyalty! Mistress Aradia and her submissive girls show you what it takes to be a worthy pupil!

Best of London Movie Series

Best of London: This movie features exciting excerpts from eight great Bondage and Fetish/Fantasy Videos in the London Entertainment Classic Collection. Sit back, watch, and Enjoy!

Best of London 2: This movie features exciting excerpts from eight great Bondage and Fetish/Fantasy Videos in the London Entertainment Classic Collection including “Trial by Bondage”, “White Slavery”, “The Bondage Society”, “Discipline Daughter”, “The Perils of Jane Bondage” and many more!

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