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Busty Leona
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English escorts in London are becoming increasingly popular. Despite the influx of international escorts to the capital city, finding an English escort in London remains a popular choice. While we see plenty of escorts from East Europe, we also see a whole swathe of non British punters in the Capital and they often prefer English escorts.

Finding Good Escorts in London

Like any other city, London has its fair share of good escorts and bad escorts. So what makes a good English escort and where can you find one? A good English escort will first of all be English. Yes, you can often find escorts purporting to be English or British and then on arrival you are greeted by a girl from another country.

The first thing to consider then is if they are honest. We recommend you speak to them on the phone. It's amazing how many guys just text or rely upon booking forms. A phone call can tell you a lot about the escort. You can check out her language and of course if you connect with her.

One thing to look out for when speaking to an escort is her attitude and tone of voice. Yes there are escorts out there who use drugs. You probably should avoid them. A slur in their speech can be a key indicator.

The Health Guide offers some advice in this area: "As with many other conditions and diseases, vulnerability to addiction differs from person to person. Your genes, mental health, family and social environment all play a role in addiction. Risk factors that increase your vulnerability include:

  • Family history of addiction
  • Abuse, neglect, or other traumatic experiences in childhood
  • Mental disorders such as depression and anxiety
  • Early use of drugs
  • Method of administration—smoking or injecting a drug may increase its addictive potential

You can read more on their website. Just be aware. You are best to avoid the risks associated with escorts who regularly take drugs.

English London Escort Services

When searching for an English escort in London, keep a watchful eye out for the list of services they offer. Okay, lets call that a list of things they like. If the list has everything ticked then that suggests a lack of thought. Look for discrepancies in their offering. A lack of care and attention to detail can tell you the profile or advert has been created by someone other than the escort. Alternatively, the profile or advert could be created by what might turn out to be a bad escort.

How to Find Escorts in London

Okay, let's go find our escort. The process is fairly simple. Head over to the London escort page and browse the collection of hundreds of escorts in the City. If you want more search options then the UK Adult Zone offers one of the best escort search facilities for guys looking for English escorts.