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Punting Dictionary of Escort Terms, Walk the Talk

The world of escorting is full of a myriad of different terms and three letter acronyms. Find the latest escort sex terms and femdom lingo from this growing resource for adult punters.

This Adult Dictionary has been created to help you to better understand some of the terms and services listed by escorts.

Punting Adult Dictionary

Select from the letters below for definitions or if you have a little time on your hands and you want to pick up some valuable information, just scroll down the page. There is a good chance you will discover something new as you browse this adult dictionary. Perhaps the terminology here will fuel your imagination and you will attempt something new!



Adult Baby Whereby an adult plays the role of a baby

Anal Beads A string of beads usually inserted into the anus

Anal Sex Penetration of the anus by a penis, hand or object

Analingus Licking of the anus

Autoerotic Strangulation Suffocating oneself to increase sexual pleasure


Ballbusting Getting hit in the balls. Kicking and Punching are typical blows.

Balloon Knot Popular term for the anus

Bareback Sex without a condom

BDSM Bondage Discipline Sadism Masochism

Bestiality Sex involving animals

Bisexual A person interested in sex with both men and women

Blood Hound A guy that enjoys sexual activity with women that are menstruating. Period Play fetish.

Blowjob Sucking cock

Bondage Bondage. This has several aspects to it, from using ready made restraints like hand-cuffs,harnesses and spreader bars, through to those into more artisan types of restraint like the Japanese art of rope bondage, Shibari. It’s all about an individual having their ability to move freely about either restricted or totally removed. This then leaves their play partners free to do whatever they want to the bound person, or to set them tasks which are extremely difficult or even impossible to do owing to their restraints, usually with a threat of punishment if they fail. My favourite is tying up my partner and then doing everything to make them orgasm until they can’t take any more … and then keep going (it really is amazing how many times you can make a lady cum after she thinks she’s all played out). By the way, bondage doesn’t necessarily mean inequality between the people playing as many people like to both tie their partner up and be tied up as well.

Boner Popular term for erect penis

Brothel A place where prostitutes offer sexual services

Bukkake Describes several men ejaculating on woman’s face


CFNM Clothed Female Naked Male fetish

CIM Cum In Mouth

Clap Popular term for Gonhorrhea, an STI

Clean Used to describe sexual health, i.e. no infections

Clitoris Female sexual organ at top front of Vulva

COB Cum On Bum

COF Cum on Face

Coprophagia Sexual play involving eating faeces

Coprophilia Playing with faeces

Cougar Older woman who enjoys sex with younger men.

Cowgirl Position The girls is on top and riding the guy. She is facing him.

Crushing or Crush Fetish involving stepping on and crushing objects

Cum Popular term for male sperm

Cunnilingus Licking pussy


Danza Slap The slapping of a woman’s face with the penis

Deep Throat Penis is inserted as far as possible into the throat

Dogging Sex in a public place whilst others watch on

Double Penetration Simultaneous vaginal and anal intercourse


Edge Play Sex games that can be dangerous

Enema Fetish of filling and flushing out the anus with water

Erectile Dysfunction Where the male cannot become or maintain erection

Escort Female or Male providing companionship

Exfoliation In this context a fetish involving the removal of hair


Face Sitting A woman will site on a mans face to smother him

Felch To lick or suck out semen from the anus

Fellatio Sucking cock

Femdom A female who is dominant

Feminisation Whereby the male dresses in female clothes

FGE Full Girlfriend Experience. Essentially this is an experience closer to the Girlfriend experience as you might find from a service provider. During this time you might have a meal together and it may be a more relaxing, unhurried or romantic time together.

Fisting Inserting a hand to the ass and then making a fist.

Fluffer Person that stimulates an actor prior to performing


Gangbang Situation in which many men penetrate one woman

GFE Girl Friend Experience


H.O.M Hand Over Mouth. A form of suffocation and smothering play.

Hardsports Playing with poo; she does it on your or you do it on her.

Hustler Typically a male prostitute


Ice Play The use of ice to please and torment another.

Incall The escort will entertain a Client in her residence

Infantilism Whereby an adult play the role of a baby


Jism Another term for cum


Knob Popular term for the penis


Lesbian A woman who has sex with other women


Menophilia Another term for Period Play. This involves sexual activity whilst the lady is menstruating.

MILF Mother I’d Like to Fuck

Mistress Typically a female offering domination services

Multiple Orgasm Having more than one orgasm in one session


Necrophilia Refers to sexual activity with a dead person


Oral Sucking Cock or Licking Pussy

Oral Sex Contact between the mouth of one partner and the genitals of the other. In the case of a female providing oral sex to a male this is often referred to as a Blowjob. When a male provides oral sex to a woman this is often known as cunnilingus.

Orgy Sex involving three or more people

Outcall An escort who will visit a Client at his location


Paraphilia Sexual desire or obsession with an object

Pearl Necklace Whereby a male ejaculates onto females upper chest

Period Play This involves sexual activity whilst the lady is menstruating.

Punch Fisting Extreme fisting play. The fist is made prior to entry and punched in.


Queening Licking ass


Reverse Oral Providing oral services to the male and female

Rimming Licking ass


Sadism Sadism. For those not familiar with the term it’s taken from the name of the Marquis de Sade, a French aristocrat whose explorations of the sexual perversions people are capable of earned him a cell in a sanitarium. Stories he wrote, such as “Justine”, looked at how some people, in spite of social norms, find themselves being aroused by the inflicting pain. These are people who like to slap, spank, flog, whip, pinch, punch, kick and even cut to get the effect they are looking for. Just a note; not all sadists want the more extreme pain from the physical abuse of the last few actions listed – as with all things there are degrees of extremity to which an individual is willing to go, even when their partner is happy to go further.

Scat Playing with faeces

Screw Another terms of sexual intercourse

Snowball She pretends to swallow your cum then spits it back into your mouth

Squirting Female ejaculation – expelling liquid (not urine)

STD Sexually Transmitted Disease

STI Sexually Transmitted Infection

Sugar Daddy Older guy who looks after a younger woman in terms of financial support and services.

Switch Someone who can be dominant or submissive

Switch Hitter If you are a baseball player then you would bat using either the right or left hand. If you are looking for an escort then a Switch Hitter is someone who bats for both side. In other words, bi-sexual.


Threesome Sex involving three people of any gender

Trampling The act of being physically trampled by another person.

Transvestite When a man dresses in female clothing

Twink Young looking gay man


Uncut The penis has not been circumcised


Vanilla Sex Where intercourse does not involve anything kinky

Voyeurism Watching others having sex


Wank To masturbate

Watersports Playing with urine

With This typically refers to using a condom.

Without Normally referring to an experience without a condom

Working Girl This term is often used to describe an escort or it can also be used to refer to a prostitute.


X Rated Explicit pornographic media (Film, Pictures etc)


Zoophilia Sexual activity or fascination with animals