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What with the credit crunch and everything you might think that finding a cheap escort in these tough times wouldn't be too difficult. Well, hey, you're probably right. We've seen a noticeable increase in the number of escorts offering some kind of price reduction or special offer to encourage you customers to buy.

The market for cheap escorts is just like any other and is governed by the laws of supply and demand. So during tough economic times what we tend to find is that more escorts are appearing on the market as making money becomes harder with increased job losses. This in turn leads to an oversupply coupled with a dwindling pool of customers who are tightening their belts rather than dropping their trousers, so to speak.

Escorts are not only reducing their prices, the more savvy escorts and agencies are offering special deals or reducing prices for an advertised period only.

The North South Divide For Cheap Escorts

Yes it's true. Like so many things cheap escorts in the South do tend to be more expensive than those in the north, if that doesn't sound too odd... If we take a look at the average incall prices for 1 hour, we see that in the North you need only pay an average of £150 whilst in the south and particularly London, you would need to pay in the region of £200.

Prices in the North had started to edge upwards towards the middle of 2008 and the average was heading towards £180. However, recessionary pressures have put a stop to that and the average prices remain at £150. Don't expect to pay using a credit card; credit card escorts have to pay merchant fees so are less likely to offer discounted rates.

What we should stress is that you can get an escort of equal quality in the North of England, even though you do pay less and what's more you are more likely to "come across" a friendlier, less hurried service from an escort in the North of England.

So in summary, can you find a cheap escort today - yes.

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