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Leeds Red Light District Prostitution Zones Are Working

Leeds red light district has managed prostitution zones that allow sex workers to work between the hours of 7pm and 7am.

Leeds red light district zones can be an alternative to entertaining escorts in Leeds. Leeds has been experimenting with a “Managed Zone” for prostitution.

What is the Leeds Red Light District Zone

The Managed Zone allows sex workers to operate on the streets from 7pm through to 7am. This is only in specifically designated area.

According to recent reports, the managed prostitution zones in Leeds are working well. What started off as an experiment has been extended for a longer term. The idea that this Red Light district zone could become a permanent feature of Leeds has plenty of local residents and businesses in uproar.

The areas within the prostitution zone are within the Holbeck district.

For those within the Leeds area, you may already be fully aware of this experiment. For those of you outside of the Leeds, West Yorkshhire area, you may not be familiar with what has happened here. It all started as a twelve month pilot scheme.

The scheme was introduced on October 1st, 2015. The Holbeck area has long been associated with prostitution, so the selection of this area a a “Managed Zone” was obvious.

It has long been thought that the way in which prostitution in the UK was policed has been ineffective. When Dr Kate Brown of the York University undertook a study in 2013, she reach the conclusion that the laws used against women in the sex trade failed to reduce the levels of prostitution.

Holbeck area in South Leeds. If you visit then you will find that Spencer Place in Chapletown is also considered as an unofficial Red-light district of Leeds. This area has certainly quietened down since the introduction of the managed zone. So, do not expect to find much entertainment in that area for now.

There are many girls working on the streets of Leeds. This is a vibrant and popular city.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should try a little negotiation before you settle on a price. We would never advocate that you are aggressive or disrespectful.

You should try to negotiate a little bit with the street girls before agreeing the price as the street whores tend to ask high prices first.

Popular street locations include:

  1. Water Lane
  2. Nineveh Road
  3. Manor Road
  4. David Street
  5. Copley Hill
  6. Holbeck Lane

If you find yourself in Leeds and you are tempted, please take the usual precautions. It goes without saying, please respect the working girls in Leeds. Even if you think you are not being treated right. Be the man.

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