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Be A Escort

If you want to be a escort then we can offer you the opportunity to find out how to do this and start earning a substantial income from being an escort.  Like any job, there will be things you like to do and other tasks you just can't abide.  To be successful in this profession you need inside information and support.

It Can Be Taxing to Be A Escort

Being an escort can be taxing in more than one way. You will be taxed physically and financially.  You know all about the physical challenges of being an escort but what do you know about the financial responsibilities of being an escort?

The UK Inland Revenue service requires that any person earning an income from providing a personal service will need to pay tax.  The tax is paid annually and payment must be made on time or you will face a financial penalty (in other words, a fine!).  Many of you might think that because your payments are received in cash that you do not have to pay tax.  This is a mistake and it can be a costly mistake.

With the recently financial turmoil, the UK Government is taking a stronger position on tax avoidance.  It has been reported that they are targeting those people earning an money from providing personal services.  So, if you are earning money as an escort, we would encourage you to seek professional advice from an accountant or if you are lucky enough to have an Accountant as a Client, then you might get some free advice!

Getting Started As An Independent Escort

Working as an independent escort can be a great way to get started and to see if this is the right profession for you.  It is important that you enjoy what you do. There are lots of things you can do to earn money and this is just one option; So, if you find you don't like what you are doing, just stop.

To get started as an independent escort one of the first things you need to do is to give yourself a working name.  When you choose your working name, try not to be too extreme; we would recommend you choose something short, simple and memorable.  Your working name is your logo and a key part of the brand you will build.  Be careful of creating multiple personas on the internet.  By creating multiple personas your potential customers are less likely to trust you.  Creating multiple websites can have the same result.

Take A Few Pics

Once you have that you can take a few pics.  Your pictures don't have to be professional but they do have to be genuine.  You should carefully consider the images you put onto the internet, they can stay up there long after you have gone.  Try to avoid using pictures of you in everyday situations such as holiday snaps or a pic of you with your car!

If you are worried about showing your face, there are ways to hide your identify and if you want help with this then just contact us at the UK Adult Zone.

Once you have a name and a few pics, you are ready to register for a free profile on the UK Adult Zone.  As soon as your profile goes live on our site, you can start to receive phone calls from prospective clients.

If you don't want to show your own mobile phone number and you don't have a spare number available, then get in touch with Sharon at UK Adult Zone when you register and she can help you with disguising your phone number.  So, you can get started right away.

Be An Escort Agency Girl

There are lots of escort agencies out there that are looking for girls to join them regularly.  If you are serious about escorting then you can find lots of agencies on the UK Adult Zone who will welcome a call or an email from you.  Working with an Escort Agency means that you don't have to worry about advertising your services.  However, you should take an active interest in how the Escort Agency will be promoting your service.

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