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How to be an Escort

How to be an escort and get the cash rolling in while you enjoy yoruself?

Well, we get plenty of enquiries from girls and guys wanting to find out how to be an escort.  Well, it's pretty straght forward for both sexes. However, there are some things that need to be handled differently by the female escort. So if you are a guy reading this, it's time to switch over to our guide on How to be a Male Escort.

For the Ladies then... 

Okay girls, let's get going. Getting started as an escort is very simple. All you need is a telephone and a little time to place a free advert on popular Escort websites such as this one.

Easy hey! Okay so there are some things you need to decide upon before you take that first call (if you want to take that call yourself!).  So let's break this down.

Do you want to work for yourself or an Agency?

This is the first question you need to consider as this will determine what work you need to do to get your phone calling.

Working independently means you work on your own and you are the one responsible for all of the Marketing of your services and Call Handling. 

Working for an Agency means that they will do the marketing for you and take the initial calls on your behalf. They will then contact you to see if you are available for work and pass on the callers information.  

This leaves you free to concentrate on providing the service.

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

The key thing to consider is the price you are paying to have an Agency do the work for you.  It does suit some girls but others may baulk at the large commissions. A word of warning here ladies, we would never recommend that you pay an administration fee to join an Escort Agency!

Do I want to visit the client or will they come to me?

Okay, another way to refer to this issue is incall and outcall appointments.  

Incall appointments involve the client coming to visit you at your home or hotel.  

An Outcall, you can guess this part, involves you travelling to meet the client at their home, hotel or other location.

Having clients come to your home can create quite a bit of stress and it can leave your neighbours feeling a little suspicious at all the activity.  

Some escorts will rent an apartment or home to host clients rather than make use of their own private homes.

Visiting clients at their chosen location also presents some challenges.

The biggest of which is your safety; after all, you are travelling to meet a guy you don't know in a location you might not know.

Of course, the vast majority of Clients are discrete and safe company but there is always that one that might turn out to be a bad penny.  

Just be careful and take precautions.

You can set your own rules and policies but just make sure you stick to them! For example, you might say that you will only make an outcall appointment to hotels and never to private homes.

If this is the case then it would be a good idea to get the main phone number of the hotel and the room number in advance so you can call reception to ask if your client is there.

How do I get the phone to ring?

Gettting your phone to ring is what it's all about.  

The first thing you should know is that it's not that hard to get guys to call you as long as you are genuine and put your adverts in the right places.  

So, with that in mind, get yourself prepared to take your first of many calls!

If you're ready, then the first thing is to let people know that you exist.

Some web companies might tell you that you need a website before you do anything. That's not strictly true, you just need a well crafted profile on a relevant site that is popular with punters.

Hey, you are already here! 

Local Escort Marketing

When you register with UK Adult Zone, you can be sure we do everything we can to help promote your services across our internet properties.  Your listing will appear on the local pages on our site.

We have two blogs to help you get started. There is one dedicated to escorts and that is, wait for it, yes, you guessed it, our escort blog. The other one is really there to help everyone and is a useful resource for news and entertainment.

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