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The UK Adult Zone provides a plethora of escort profiles for you to review.  Each profile contains contact information, galleries and much more.  Escort profiles can be filtered by category and one of the more specialist categories is that of Fetish Escorts.

What are they

Fetish escorts are simply escorts that provide fetish services. You can find girls offering all types of fetish services.  Some fetish escorts know exactly what they want to do whilst others are just open to do anything that pleases their clients. 

There is a difference between a fetish escort and a Mistress (or Domiantrix).  Although some Fetish Escorts will role play and take on the persona of a Mistress, the level of intimacy and control you will enjoy are very different.  A Fetish escort may be willing to indulge you in a more erotic encounter than would be acceptable to a Professional Dominatrix or Mistress.

Why would you want one

Broadly speaking, there are two types of men that would enjoy time with a fetish escort.  These are guys that have a specific fetish that does not involve female supremacy and those men that are submissive but enjoy the girl next door experience.

How to find fetish escorts

To find fetish escorts you can look through our top 12 fetish escorts in your area by selecting from the locations below. Alternatively, you can use our advanced search to find a lot more fetish escorts in your area.


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