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Straight Male Escorts for Women

Straight male escorts for women are available to hire from here. Ladies, this is your chance to bag yourself a man. Settle down for some window shopping of a different kind. Let's see whose hot and whose not.

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This is a growing and popular section of the website that aims to help women, like you, find male escorts. You may  wish to book a male escort for the ultimate boyfriend experience or you could be in the mood to try something a little different. Perhaps, something more a shade of grey!


The male escort section of UK Adult Zone profiles professional and amateur male escorts. The differences between a high class male escort and an amateur male escort is often very clear when you read the profile.  Professional male escorts will often have professional photo shoots and take the time to create a compelling message in their description.

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The most popular places to find male escorts are these great cities:

London - Birmingham - Manchester - Glasgow

Girls, Find Male Escorts For Any Occasion

Get started finding your next date for a special occasion or to share an intimate moment.

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Girls, Don't Forgot The Massage!

The next time you book a male escort, why not get in the mood with a massage. Find a guy that offers massage, maybe he's a trined masseur (there's a tipf for you guys reading this!) and indulge yourself in a wonderful, relaxing massage.  A full leg massage from foot to thigh, done right, can be the most exhilarting feeling and a warm up to the big event.

Why Do Guys Insist On Showing You Pics Of Their Genitals?

That's a good question and one we've heard so very often from women looking for a male escort. Of course, a great body is important but we all know it's not the be all and end all of what makes a great escort.  What we women want to see and what you think we want to see can be two very different things.  We all know that men get turned on visually.  

So, we know that men are usally aroused by the sight of a female's naked body.  Now for us women, the sight of a male body, although it may be pleasing is not necessarily arounsing.  Think about the reactions you see from women when they are exposed to male nudity (excuse the pun!). It's usually one of shock. Now that reaction has a lot to do with the way we have been socialised and our cultural norms.

Now, here's a plea from us women to you guys.  When you're profiling yourself on the UK Adult Zone, can we please see a lot more of your personality rather than your penis!!

Male Escorts Jobs

If you are looking for male escorts jobs then the UK Adult Zone is probably your best starting point. Getting yourself listed here is the first step along the path to a professional career as a male escort.


We are constantly being asked "how can I get work as a male escort?".  The unfortunate answer is that it is difficult. There is no way around it. You have to fight to get work.  There are Agencies and sites that charge a small fee to register as a male escort. This is usually put in place to deter those people that are not serious about the work or pranksters who are putting up profiles of friends.  So, don;t be put off by this but do be cautious of paying hundreds of pounds out.  When it comes to paying to be a part of a Male Escorts Agency, then you need to think carefully about the service they are offering you. Professional male escorts take charge of their career and they know how to market themselves to the right people.  In the end it's all about making sure the ladies (or gents) looking for a male escort see your profile at the rigt time.