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PTMU Escorts Versus UK Adult Zone

PTMU escorts site has launched telling the world they are the first social network for escorts. If you're already an escort you might be wandering what that means. Escorts that have been working in the business for even a short while will know that AdultWork and UK Adult Zone are both pretty much social networks. Let's take a little time to look at the PTMU escorts site versus UK Adult Zone. 

Social Network Focus

First off, lets take a look at the strapline, the worlds first social network for escorts. To get started, hree is a definition of a social network, "a network of social interactions and personal relationships." Sounds interesting and we might think familiar. Yes, of course, Adultwork, UK Adult Zone and others have aloways provided a platform upon which social interactions can occur. From an escorts perspective, just how social do you want to get!

The UK Adult Zone strikes the right balabce between getting work and being social. If you doubt this, register today and get started. You will notice the difference.

Focusing On Punters Needs

The UK Adult Zone caters for both punters and escorts. We know how important it is to attract genuine punters looking for new and established escorts. We have a specifc members area for punters. We provide help and support where we can. 

The Corporate Giants

PTMU is owned and operated by the same company that runs VivaStreet escorts classified site. Where the UK Adult Zone has a reputation for being fair and supportive of the escorts and punters who choose to use the platform we have created.

Focus on Escorts

We provide a great customer service experience for all our escorts. A friendly team is at hand to make the most of your presence on the UK Adult Zone and our network of related websites.

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