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Glasgow Massage Parluors Guide

We only accept listings from the very best and most respected Glasgow massage parlours in Scotland. 

There are currently very few parlours, if any, open in Glasgow.  Please be aware that the majority of establishments, if not all, are no longer operating.

Glasgow Massage Parlour Profiles

See below for our currently registered and active profiles of Glasgow Massage Parlour establishments.

Latest Glasgow Updates
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Delight Tantric Massage
12-01-2017 13:38
Delight Tantric Massage Glasgow, Glasgow massage parlour
Delight Tantric Massage Glasgow
22-09-2016 16:17
Asian Angel Massage Glasgow, Glasgow massage parlour
Asian Angel Massage Glasgow
19-06-2016 04:27
hot nuru massage, Glasgow massage parlour
Hot Nuru Massage
25-11-2012 14:06
Sasha, Glasgow massage parlour
04-08-2010 15:32

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Glasgow Massage Parlours Get Listed

Glasgow Massage Parlours can appear in our increasingly popular directory, then you need to do two things. First, you need to provide us with your massage Scotland details. Second you need to provide a link back to us from your own website using one of our banners.

Closed Glasgow Massage Parlours

We believe that the following Glasgow Massage Parlour establishments are no longer trading. If we are wrong or if you know of others that have closed then please let us know.

  • Aquarius Sauna, Glasgow, Scotland
    "A massage parlour in an upmarket Glasgow street has become one of the first Scottish businesses to be closed under anti-social behaviour laws. The Aquarius sauna in the city's west end was shut for three months by a sheriff after police said it was being used as a brothel." Source: BBC News, 2006/09/13 14:18:16 GMT

  • New Blythswood Sauna, Glasgow, Scotland

  • Parkgrove House, Glasgow, Scotland