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Wolverhampton Fake Escort Pictures

Wolverhampton Fake Escort Pictures

Over the past few months we have noticed an increasing number of profiles for escorts in Wolverhampton and Coventry with fake pictures.   Whilst this represents only a small number of profiles compared to the many genuine escort profile we have listed, the UK Adult Zone takes this very seriously indeed.

Here on UK Adult Zone we do our very best to manage profiles proactively so that we can provide visitors to the site, those seeking quality escort services, with a reliable source of information.  

When we spot profiles that include pictures of celebrities or porn stars, we will actively remove the profiles. In  the event that just one of a number of pics has been uploaded we may ask the person who created the profile to remove that picture and validate their profile.

Whilst we do actively check profiles, if you are looking for an escort in Wolverhampton or the West Midlands, it would pay to be a little more careful during this time.  Our advice would be to check if the profile has validated pictures.

Creating profiles using pics of others simply leads to a lack of repeat business for these escorts.  Often times a genuine picture would attract more attention, especially from guys who want to meet up with "girl next door" types.   If you have spotted a fake picture please do your best to inform our cusotmer service team so we can investigate the matter.

If you are one of the girls (or guys!) who might have uploaded a picture that is not genuine the we would stongly recommend that you remove the pic and replace it with one of yourself before your profile is removed.

Published Date: 19th February 2013

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