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Just Paying the Taxi Driver Scam

This is simple.

You hand over the payment and she tells you she need to pay the Taxi waiting outside.

Off she goes to pay the waiting car while you ready yourself for a wild time.

What you don't know is that she is already on her way home and the Taxi (if indeed there was one!) will be paid when the girl is dropped off at her place and you will never see her again!

As we know, it's not unusual for an escort to ask for payment in advance of the services being delivered. However, it might be better for you to check that the escort has paid for the Taxi before payment is made.  Indeed, make sure she does not leave the building prior to delivering the service paid for.  It's okay to ask her to return the money before leaving the building if she has genuinely forgotten to do something. Yes, it might feel a little weird and uncomfortable but it can save you falling prey to this scam.

Has this happened to you? Let us know.

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