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A good escort is a pleaser and satisfiyer! Look for an escort with plenty of experience within the industry. 

A great personality that fits with your own is important. There are pletny of very cute, sociable, approachable, reliable and genuine female escorts available. If she enjoys talking and getting to know her clients, that is a good sign. 

An escort should treat every session as different and unique. Yes, it is hard to do this constantly through each new encounter, people have off days. However a good escort can turn it on when she needs to. If meeting new clients really interests her then she will more than likely deliver a much better service. 

Like any service provider, the tools they use must be well maintained. When it comes to escorts, their physicality is critical to delivering a great service. Look for an escort that has a well-looked after body. If she likes to keep her body intact and in shape, that is a good sign. If your preference is for a young athletic or toned escort, talk to her about this. If she thinks that being out of shape so young wouldn't be healthy, you can be sure she ticks that box.

It is always good to know what your chosen escort thinks is her best asset. She may say it is her ass. She could have a lovely apple bottom which is soft and supple and if you are an ass-guy this would be just the right response. You can often find answers to these questions in the Interview section of the profile at UK Adult Zone.

You can find female escorts offering the best GFE and PSE services in your area. If your chosen escort knows how to treat and to make a client feel warm and comfortable in her presence then she probably does.

Great feedback from previous clients is always reassuring to a punter.

An attentive escort will communicate well with clients and answer and respond to emails. 

Many escorts choose to tour; some more than others. These escorts travel to major cities to offer their services. So, it is always a good idea to check out the gallery of escorts for your area on a regular basis to see who has arrived.