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Richard Hande from North Yorkshire English - Male Escort
Richard Hande
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Richard Hande

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Age: 50+

Nationality: English

Trim, fit, intelligent, smartly dressed, postgraduate with gravitas (57). Dominant in the bedroom, basement or wherever we may choose. Well spoken rounded English. Bald (smooth shaven) tightly trimmed goatee beard, discrete earring left ear.

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Thank you for stopping by.  Can I pour you a glass of wine while you relax and tell me about your day? You have my full attention because right now you are the most important person to me. Nothing and nobody else in the world matters until or unless we say they do... so come on and unwind and tell me what's on your mind.  You know you're not paying me for sex don't you?  Should anything intimate happen, it will be because it was inevitable, because we were irresistibly drawn to each other and the light from this candle on the table between us has ignited the insatiable fuel of our passions... and desires... and wants... and needs... and before we get swept away we should talk a little more.  After all, why be in such a rush?  Out there the world is pushing, pressing and hurrying us along... so many demands and so little space or consideration for the finer things... the important things...  things that make us who we are inside.

There is of course a set consideration for my time, but only for that. Anything else that happens is a matter of consensual understanding.

So you want to talk about the spicier side of physical contact.  I’m well qualified and experienced in these matters. I began spanking women at 24 years of age when I was Office Manager for a Timber Business in the South. One Friday morning I arrived to find the Managing Director's Secretary (a well groomed lady in her early forties) sitting at her desk sobbing. I asked what the matter was and after a lot of coaxing she explained she'd made a terrible mistake with the wages.  I told her she should tell the Managing Director and sort it out quickly. She cried even more and said she didn't have the courage to do that because her husband was away. I asked what on earth her husband had to do with it. She told me that if he'd been at home he'd have put her across his knee and given her a sound spanking. Then she'd have been able to get over herself and have the courage to go and sort it out.  Jokingly, I said I'd spank her if she thought that would help. I was only kidding. She was nearly twenty years older than me! Anyway, she seemed to think I was serious and looked at me in a really desperate way and said, 'Oh would you please? That would help a great deal.' So I pushed my chair into the middle of the office and she came over and laid herself across my knee. The rest, shall we say, is history.

Over the past thirty years I have been honoured to spank many, many women for the widest variety of reasons and needs. For some it becomes a journey into the delicious world exploration where I am Master and you learn how to be the SUB-stantially obedient recipient of my skill and domination. You can rest assured that when it comes to knowing about this subject in the deepest and most practical of detail, you are safe in my hands. Certain recent literature (Shades of Grey etc.) has in recent years begun to bring this sort of thing into peoples living rooms and more women are now beginning to wonder what it is all about and whether or not they should explore this for themselves. So if you've found yourself on this site for the first time, don't worry, you are not alone.  These thoughts and passions are common to more women that you may think.

But how do you go about trying things out? Who can you talk to? How can you find out if you even like being spanked? It can seem like a minefield and many are looking for the safest way of doing this... and so that is exactly what I offer - safety and discretion. With me you will find an understanding and experienced listening ear and the opportunity to explore this subject 'first hand' if you are curious about or in need of this important thing. Many who have come to me have been first timers dipping their toe so to speak. Others have been women who know their own mind and heart very well... well enough to recognise the need to be brought to the point of unconditional emotional release... in cases the freedom can seem spiritual and it is not uncommon to experience a sensation of floating...

Everyone is different, which is what will make our first meeting so enjoyable.  I will love getting to know you and help you find that release... to lead you as you journey into depths you may never have thought existed... places of passion, joy, esctasy that have been waiting for the day you would arrive....

I am available UK-wide. The Adultzone profile wizard does not easily allow me to register that although I live near Northallerton in North Yorkshire and my 'Red Room' is in Leicester, I actually visit clients and have suitable high quality accomodation and 'facilities' available to me country-wide. I have been a professional in this business for much longer than most and I have therefore progressed to be able to offer first class attention to discerning and curious women anywhere in the UK. So please do not be put off if it seems I don't cover your area, because if you live in the UK I can meet you.  Drop me a line to my private email and lets talk shall we?

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Richard X


Main location:  North Yorkshire

Covered locations: Harrogate, Northallerton

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