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VP-WSM Weston-super-Mare English Female escort, Available Today, 64521
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Age: 50+

Nationality: English

txt 4pm -10pm(£20extra levy OUTSIDE 4-10pm!max 1/2hr FEES LOW COZ CARPET BAD(DONT avoid reading prof!)bbwmodel! ♥INCALLS,nr BS228NB nrTescoEX!Good Manners!NO SHOWER+notSUB!18-80 if Polite+intelligent ! =1hour notice!! vGood-area+parking,.No:bback

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i dont read texts til EARLIEST ..1pm.if no number shows gmail me AFTER 1pm. 


THERE IS A a levy tarriff applied for out of hours 'extra fee' (-£20 EXTRA per slot...) ) for those that want me to work outside the hours i specify as i when i START too..., ive already done that for after ten pm STOP-time? =(£20 more). see faqs ;however this does'nt mean I WILL AGREE TO WORK early/late it means if I do. i.e. it costs more to see me before 4pm or after 10pm (if, unlikely but IF i agreed to 1hour meet its £100.00. (ovs add £20 if outside my hrs of 4-10pm).

NEVER ASK FOR 'CAN I SEE U  NOW'= . ovs not. its always min 1hr notice, its highly rude to click your fingers and expect us to be ready 24-7 all day especially for you and be ready in 10 seconds flat. its unrealistic and inconsiderate and gets u blocked; if u need a within ten mins shag go to a massage parlour even then youd prob hav to wait a bit. +IF ASKIN FOR THIS OUTSIDE my hours even boy thats bEYOND rude lol..

ABOUT ME etc]~~ PEARLS AND GSTRING, OR BASQUE NO STOCKINGS FOR 1/4 HR SLOTS, ONLY OVER 30MINS GETS PROPER LINGERIE.X (note i only see intelligent, profile readers - I can and do block for not reading it).  ~~~  ____________________________________________________________________________________________         FEES 1/4hr£30__30mins is £50   if after 10pm add £20 to each fee because I ACTUALLY prefer to stop by 9, so its only if I felt obliged/or COULD make an exception either way it costs more. *..if after 10pm add £20 to each fee because I ACTUALLY prefer to stop by 9, so its only if I felt obliged/or COULD make an exception either way it costs more. *.tho tbh its considered EXTREMELY bad manners to contact escorts after midnight so Id be far more likely just to block you for inconsideration 

I PREFER U TO  txt me, from around mid> late aftn'oons to nighttime. (not in the early hours).  I'm not keen on seeing folks "earlier than mid-afternoons at all"__= I only see intelligent males who have read the profile! . hourly slots have been ditched its max half hr bookings now. 


    if I did deign to agree to an hr UNLIKELY THO..its 100quid * .. and you have to ovs be great at chatting as NO man shags for that long lol..keep it real guys lol..X       


     do NOTE THE [b]LOCATION=Locking castle BS22 8NB [u]near  tescos express maltands,clover court>?- , junction 21 end of W-sm,.near b&q, and the swimming pool. I give  u the address in full via txt WHEN yr at that nearby location .     enquire by inbox/GMAIL,  OR TXT if number shown, for more info. thanks.  INCALLS AT MY HOUSE ONLY I don't offer outcalls as I've an elderly dog its not practical yet;   super friendly, (but not sub..), sexy bbw model & escort  Weston-super-Mare, (only). county: North Somerset.  (I do offer quickies  but no stockings for the short  slots ok, .,).......


.THE BOOKINGS OF  1HR  MAY include lingerie with stockings if given lots advance warning.(stockings are expensive so I'd really rather not have to wear them   IT'S 1 HRS NOTICE FROM ME AGREEING TO SEE U BY TEXT. then u gimme a txt 1 HOUR prior to say yr on yr way, i give u my home address at a location 5mins away from my house- mid=aft,'n ONWARDS I READ YR TXTS, I.E. BOOK  , DAY B4..if u want a bit  earlier than teatime .thanks.x         


    No domming -its not my style.  so pls dont ask for domming! I prefer Girlfriend exp with humour and friendly chat?  ]no bareback , so DO NOT ASK. (exception of OWO (bjWithoutCondom) at my discretion. re: Cim..I do a variation of this as   in "C-O-M."?.which is cum OVER mouth/lips  but no deepthroat, no swallowing. RE ;WS> (probs with WS always isnt the DOING IT bit its the TIMING bit. thats why stuff like WS is for over an hour even bookings worth (ie MUCH more expensive) as Id quote 100quid for an hour so double that for 2. lol (THE HOURLY SLOT ISNT REMOTELY RELATIVE TO THE STATE OF THE HOUSE COZ HOURLY SLOTS ARE HARD TO DRAG OUT anyway)       ~~~~~~***I've ticked  PROSTATE MASSAGE but..thats at my discretion,~~ ,

Ovs I've ticked~O-W-0-, ~~but cant tick CIM as thats swallowing and I dont? i ONLY do  the modern term of  "C-o-m" (cum OVER/ON  mouth as I call it as hate swallowing lol =)~~ ANAL, (protected ovs).. .and RIMMING I may (receive, as in giving IS AT MY DISCRETION= WILL obvs RECEIVE IT STILL THO. )..   

    =note,  I dont have much in way of role play outfits etc and so on but say if you wanted to BRING me summat to use/wear u can offer (size22-24) I MAYBE allergic to the outfit tho if it has latex in it! ???) .~~~~*** fees inclusive  its for time not activity.     NOTE THE LOCATION=Locking castle BS22 8NB near  tescos express maltands clover court WSM                    PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS LIST..bust 42D, hips 54" -----waist is 46" not 38"!!  but they dont offer an over 38 option I.E. i am a size 22-24 UK body dress size.i.e. BBW.         

 this is how this works.  U text to ask to  BOOK,WE CHAT, IF I AGREE, THEN U CONFIRM 1 HR IN ADVANCE, THEN I PREP, HOUR IS REQUIRED IF U NEED ME IN LINGERIE CAN PREP QUICKER IF SAY TOPLESS. LINGERIE'S THE BIGGEST TIME CONSUMER RE IF U WANNA NOT WAIT SO LONG as in more likely can wait 45mins IDEALLY 1 HOUR then i dont have to cut corners with say bedding/make up/hair? .        

 parttime ESC/BBwModel)-~(26360 fans in 9mths when had a networking-Page up to autumn2013, which is now closed but I still occasionally model), and still thousands of followers on my selfie modeling profiles.      about me, I am a V FRIENDLY!! GENUINE!!, CARING!! and v CURVACIOUS LADY,  WITH A CHEEKY, SARKY SENSE OF HUMOUR ..LOL , am flirty?, with occasional SEXUAL INNUENDO HA HA and after the initial get to know u I luv to hear about your fantasies, what you like etc ? USUALLY CONSIDERED PRETTY,  BBWmodel/escort , I'm an ex LEGAL SECRETARY of MANY years. escorting since apr2014. Modelling since 2012= MY SPECIALITY IS GFE/GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE!

  LOCATION=Locking castle BS22 8NB near  tescos express maltands- clover court wsm, for the 15th time. lol 


    -I'm a non bullshitter, very TO THE, but am in turn friendly and caring (though am self conscious of my bad house interior). I'm  neither stuck up, pretentious, or ostentatious (yes I'd luv a posh house, have'nt got 1 so thats that.) Warm natured, approachable Welcoming & v Down to Earth,!!   nice, & chatty. (tho not naive, or stupid)   .  I'm openminded, non judgmental and VERY broadminded. lol!!  I LOOK FORWARD TO (only) MEETING NICE NATURED CONSIDERATE MALES, 18-80.......WHO ARE POLITE, RESPECTFUL & NICE TO  ME  however old or young u are plus be of quite high intelligence/common sense!

I'm SWEET NATURED  (apart from when men are arrogant, or stupidly thick, bossy/bad mannered/or try to be dominant=I'm not sub or domme..*       ! No shower here sorry only a bath. I will block those that come across dim when txting, as dim men can be dangerous. 

   DESCRIPTION:-   I've a curvaceous plump body-  luscious curves & cuddly bits, big sexy boobs, sensual BIG belly, big round sexy fat ass, plump smooth skin, soft round thighs & hips, pretty face, sexy eyes, warm wet beautiful shaved/trimmed pussy for you to enjoy to lick & thrust into its plump wetness.mmm! I've sextoys but only for much longer bookings (I only offer max 30MIN).unlikely I'd agree to an hour if did thats £100  , I cant be rushed into orgazming (if even required). ORAL ON ME,  is UP TO YOU. Not summat I'd demand or make you do for ME to orgasm..YOUR orgasm is my goal to PLEASURE YOU, not vice if iI orgazm in a meet IT'S A BONUS, certainly  not a goal /necessity or requirement.   re: ANAL= best is FOR 30mins or more..and if we gel(get on well)? -as prep involved unless you don't mind a bit of u know what .without spelling it out lol..oh trust me I'M THAT BROADMINDED I DONT MIND IF U DONT MIND PMSL! but course real life IS'NT LIKE PORN FILMS hell they even fake the cum shot in those, (as those in the industry know full well).


      ~~~~~~~my motto.."It gives me pleasure to give YOU pleasure!~~~~


~~~~   intelligent men only and no dog haters (tho ive also 4cats THEY TEND TO SCARPER lol)..__   no NON profile readers pls. x           HOW to BOOK ANY ESC. txt, giv yr name, day/time you'd like, how long here(max half an hour with me ovs), and what type sexyfun agreed to in our mutually consenting time spent ..blah ie NAME DAY TIME HOW LONG  WHAT SORT SEX.  i see 18-80 if polite and INTELLIGENT. its 1 hr notice from me agreeing  x        


             =RULES :-       all non profile readers are blocked as inconsiderate and./or dim.  I only see intelligent caring gents AS IT SAYS AND I'VE ADORED EVERY SINGLE client I've  seen . And have regulars. I don't giv a shit bout th thickos who I don't meet who book like idiots.  they say pitiful stuff like You're rude..but ITS OK FOR YOU TO BE THEN? TO BLATANTLY IGNORE MY HOURS GUIDELINES AND WHOLE PROFILE INFO?? THATS NOT RUDE THEN?? BANGS HEAD ON DESK..PMSL..I HAVE A CRITERIA VETTTING SYSTEM..FOR A REASON!! TO SORT THE WHEAT FROM THE CHAFF (INCONSIDERATE NON READERS, FROM INTELLIGENT LOGICAL DECENT CHAPS. I ONLY..I LITERALLY. ONLY.. SEE THE LATTER.x   


~ trust Me , I'd rather be poor than lower my standards. NOTE RATINGS level is n/a to me as majority of my clients txt book me and we dont bother with the system, I know theyd say great girl fab sex but awful carpet..anyway unless theyre being real sweet to me lol -til my house is nice i wont bother hardly with the bookingform system 


    Hi, listen all..If I EVEN AGREED TO AFTER 10 pm as that's usually when I stop ( as says ).. it's a levy applied of £20.00 extra onto  each slot after ten  pm tho{ if they DONT bother to / read and or care what we put as guidelines they shd pay extra. }.  That's applicable only to the non considerate ones who disregard my hours I prefer), Intelligent considerates can have my normal fee applied=I would levy a fiver extra fee onto the non profile readers but prob is thickos drive me insane in SECONDS so I lose the plot before ive had the chance to levy that a real sweet nice girl but my god ..dimwits drive me nuts lol      =[i] if I'm sunbathing I cant answer phone til gone teatime/dusk=(after dinner have already started cooking too). I'm not a sex robot whose avaiil24-7 lol      listen im a real friendly gal but as with ALL ESCORTS, we heartily dislike those that just say HI, /U avail, U around, are u working , WE NEED DIARY INFO. NAME, DAY/TIME U WANT, HOW LONG WANT, WHAT SORT SEX WANT, or sorry we assume we have to spoonfeed the profile and squeeeeze info from you via 15 txts and we just go to another txter instead who is politely giving all info and they're more likely to be diarized OR just crack on with the plan of what they were already doing, :dinner, dogwalk, recolouring hair, the weekly shop etc - having a bath..blahblahblah .X  

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++     no mornings.


. note:-  FEES are LOW COZ CARPETs are  BAD (but this is N/a if"out of specifiedHrs")then its £20 levy if I feel like working late.(which I 95% wont):- am still asked location every day by certain in day out lol. ("the div of the day") it says it about 100x in here lol , SO AGAIN. YOU GO TO [b](LOCATION):-  nr TESCOS EXPRESS BS22 8NB (*clover court, maltands Locking castle, wsm ) and that5 min before your appmnt you txt me to ask for my actual house address (close by) No shower here, am not submissive. No u dont need to ring me its simple TEXT ME,  after 2pm or so.. say yr NAME, DAY/TIME U WD LIKE, HOW LONG HERE AND WHAT TYPE SEX. not rocket science NO NEED FOR A PHONE CALL IS THERE LOL. (note even though theres a levy after ten pm, often even by 9PM I'VE mentally switched off and am chilling   fee after 10pm is a levy of 20.00 extra. IF I agreed, which is unlikely.X



1. is there times when it may cost more? = 

  THERE IS A a levy tarriff applied for out of hours 'extra fee' (-£20 EXTRA per slot...) ) for those that want me to work outside the hours i specify as i when i START too..., ive already done that for after ten pm STOP-time? =(£20 more). see faqs ;however this does'nt mean I WILL AGREE TO WORK early/late it means if I do. i.e. it costs more to see me before 4pm or after 10pm 


~~ REASON WE DISLIKE AFTER MIDNIGHT is that say you're  drunk (which most are to even book then), or pottified up.., and bang on door , worse SOMEONE ELSES DOOR at bloody 1am.? directing you here too when all  the lamp lights are OFF in my road?? when my house in DAYLIGHT is hard to find to many?? _ how inconsiderate is THAT? then say you got a taxi bloody waiting for it to pick you up..its just nonsensical .,..a farce scenario. not worth the agg. 



Ethnicity: White

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour: Brown

Hair length: Shoulder length

Height: 5' 3"

Dress size: 22

Bust size: 42

Bra cup size: D

Waist size: -

Hips size: -

Breasts: Natural

Pubic hair: Shaved Mostly

Smoker: No

Tattoos/piercings: Piercings (Very Discrete)


Main location:  Weston-super-Mare

Covered locations:

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15 min Quickle: £ 30
30 min Quickle: £ 50
1 hour
2 hours
3 hours
4 hours

Incall Location Info:
no shower, nice area, parking but house is v tatty /smells of dog . no DOGHATERS welcome ovs. no outcalls as yet. not possible sorry. 2 MAY18..TEMP TRIAL OF DITCHING HOURLY SLOTS#TOO MUCH ONUS TO CHAT, DRAGS IT OUT TOO LONG.

Outcall Preferences:
i dont do outcalls. tel BOOK BY TEXT THO..07585 315548


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Genuine Friendly Proud
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good looking slim +great cock?, ok younger usually.. but ALL HAVE TO HAVE GOOD MANNERS and intelligence, romantic& attentive & flatterring, too (the sort that text a lot).
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I quite like japanese women they're the most natural in porn videos.
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devotion attention and nice eyes.
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if you don't know this boy are you gonna have problems with women . lol
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