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Drop The Money Through The Letterbox Scam

We have heard of a punter visiting an escort in the Grimsby area.  He went to the address she had given him.  Upon arrival she text the unsuspecting gentlemen with a message to ask him to put the money through the letter box as she wanted him to show her that he was genuine. Read more.

After depositing through the letter box, he knocked on the door but no reply.  

He text her and she replied to him that she wasn't in that apartment but one on another floor.  

He went to that apartment and in this case an old gentleman answered who did not know the escort in question.  

After texting her again she replied and told him she didn't live in the block of flats and the flat he went to was a friends, this was a con and he left without meeting her and this cost him a whopping £90.00!!

Another angle on this scam has been with escorts asking for the payment up front and through a payment provider such as PayPal or Skrill.  Again, the services have not been delivered but your money has gone.

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