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Advance Payment Escort Scam

Okay, we know there are some escorts that ask for a payment in advance. For whatever reason, this is the way they run their business.  However, this practice is open to abuse by those less honest people posing as escorts to dupe guys into handing over their hard earned pounds.  

Advance Payment Escort ScamsImagine finding a profile of an escort that meets your requirements to the letter.  Looks are pefect, the biography is outstanding, physical characteristics are awesome! You make contact with her, she sounds genuine but then asks for an advance payment to make sure you are a genuine caller.  Of course, she gets soo many people attempting to book her because she is out of this world!  Would you pay? Would you? Are you sure?

This scenario plays out regularly across the United Kingdom. So, be warned.

What happens next if the escort is a fake? Well, you will be asked for a part payment (or sometimes a FULL payment) in advance. You will either send that via a bank transfer, PayPal or other means.  Once that is done. You never hear from her again. It is simple and straightforward.

Take Responsibility

As we said at the outset, there are honest, friendly and reliable escorts who do ask for payments in advance. What we would always recommend is that you do not pay any monies in advance unless you are certain that the escort is genuine.  You can look for reviews of the escort for some validity.  The onus really is on you.

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