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2 Girl Escorts

2 Girl Escort services are becoming increasingly popular. We find the service is more in demand from guys that have been regular Clients of escorts. Those of you entering the scene for the first time may be a little put off by having two girl escort bookings.

Of course, there is something a little daunting about booking a 2 girl escort experience. The excitement and risks are doubled. This is a marmite scenario. You will ether love it or you will hate it. The trick is to manage your expectations and to make sure your first experience delivers the right taste. 

2 Girl Escort Rules

When you book a 2 girl escort experience, be sure to consider the scenario you want to play out. 

If you are a straight guy looking for a vanilla experience then you need to think about how the escorts will relate to you and to eachother. Do you want all the attention on you? Would you rather they focused on eachother? 

Drawing up some guidelines as to how you would like the exerience to unfold is crucial to the success of the evening. If you are shy or stuck then you can always ask the escort to suggest a format for the date.

If you do not set out your requirements then you could be heading for disaster. Even if you can share the things you like with the two escorts, you will be in a better position than not saying anything at all. 

When booking two escorts, make sure to agree the pricess in advance. This is standard advice for booking any escort but more critical when there are two involved. What are the escorts going to do if you want to spend more time with them? Think about that.

2 girl escorts

Where to Find 2 Girl Escorts

Finding a 2 Girl escort experience can be easy if you want your experience to take place near to a popular city such as London, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Cardiff etc. This is true because of the sheer volume of escorts available to book at any time. The competition is greater and there are more Escort Agencies available.

You will fnd that escort agencies are the quickest place to look if you want to organise a two girl escort date. They will have taken care of pairing up the escorts and arranging the meeting. Of course, you will pay for that.

If you choose to look for an indeendent escort with a friend, the search may take a liitle longer. There is also a greater chance the other girl might not turn up on the night.  However, this can be less expensive.

So, the first things to do is to head over to find either your local Escort Agency or Independent Escort.


Can your dick handle 2 girls fighting over your cock? 2 wet, hungry mouths! With a 2 Girls escort experience you might get the opportunity to enjoy a session of ball-draining cock-sucking! 

Get the right girls involed in a threesome. Ideally they should be desperate to play with your cock. They will have no trouble setting out to gobble your rod, whipping it back and forth from one greedy mouth to the other. Greedy girls can make an experience especially enjoyable. How would you like two girls fighting over your cock telling each other to share it! 

There is no better feeling.